Malibu Mastermind Has It’s First Leadership Launch
& Strategy Call With Kevin Harrington & I Explain Why
I’m Endorsing This Concept With “No Holds Barred”

Bob Gatchel here with a personal update with some late breaking news about something new that I feel will be a massive help entrepreneurs (and soon to be entrepreneurs) all over the world called The Malibu Mastermind.

Look this is – at this writing – a very time sensitive piece of information and as someone who has been on the inside of this upcoming launch, I’m now able to reveal what this is all about, why I’m endorsing this, why I will be a part of this and why I feel that any entrepreneur – in any business or industry – should consider The Malibu Mastermind.

If you have been following me over the years – or just recently started following me – you will know that I find the concept of personal development & success development to be the KEY for anyone to succeed in any areas of their life.  I have read (or listened to) literally HUNDREDS of books on the subject from authors like Napoloeon Hill, W. Clement Stone, Anthony Robbins, Robert G. Allen, Jerry & Esther Hicks, Denis Waitley, Earl Nightengale … you name it.

I can say without one second of hesitation that SUCCESS in any form starts from “the inside”.  To quote Napoleon Hill … “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve”.  And that all success stems from the key principles gleaned from all of these masters of wealth creation – that success starts in the mind, and if you feed the mind the right thoughts …  success HAS TO FOLLOW – PERIOD!

I know, because I’ve been blessed to have followed this past for over 25 years and I can speak from personal experience that IT WORKS and not just for me but I’ve seen it work for so many other people.  BOTTOM LINE?   The evidence is irrefutable.

And one of the MAJOR KEYS in the achievement of success lies in the concept of what Napoloen Hill calls … The Mastermind System.  Where a group of people of similar mindset, with similar goals, and similar desires all work together toward a mutually beneficial “success goal”.  In fact, Mr. Hill says without the Mastermind – success is almost impossible!

Now today we are more connected than EVER with internet, facebook, social media, cell phones … you name it.  YES we may have contact with each other but … quite frankly … we are not forming real, solid “masterminds” for mutual goals.


As you know, I feel that in the entrepreneurial world that network marketing is probably one of the best ways (linked with the power of the internet of course) to build financial freedom.  It’s a way virtually anyone can change their life.  That’s how I did it!  And I attribute my success to the incredible training, motivation and “access” to the world of self development.

BUT today, because it’s SO easy to get bogged down in technology, and because now many people only focus on very myopic success systems SOLELY based on their niche, their industry, their company or product … most of the mastermind concepts have become clique-ish and “tribalized”, and this limits people’s thinking and their ability to think outside of the “motivational box” because they insist on learning success concepts ONLY IN THEIR BOX!

Yes, we are all connected … but we are not masterminding.  Technology keeps us too busy and our “agendas” keep us locked into our tribe.  I’ve seen this happen over 25 years and I know it’s true.

The answer?  Malibu Mastermind

What is it?  A generic, open, “universal” system where people from all walks of life, all industries and different perspectives can leverage the training of the top minds in the world of self development, personal development, wealth creation, marketing etc … to help their business in a TRUE mastermind concept that breaks out of the agendas of one company, one system and one “leader”.  And that is why I’m so excited because it’s so needed in today’s stressful economy.

We need to have masterminding MORE now than EVER!  We need to stand together as entrepreneurs to help change the face of the economy not only for ourselves but for others.

Sound heavy?  It is!  Because it’s a great challenge, a great responsibility & great opportunity!

Ok, so I gave you the “big picture” about WHY MASTERMINDING IS SO IMPORTANT so let me give you a little more “meat” to think about with Malibu Mastermind.

On November 14, 2013, Kevin Harrington, the “Infomercial King” & one of the original sharks of the hit TV show “Shark Tank” held a private kickoff call with the leadership team of Malibu Mastermind to lay out the plan of action and to talk about this cutting edge wealth creation concept.  And yes, there is an affiliate program to this that you can also use to share this concept with others and get rewarded.  Nothing wrong with that at all – and it’s a very fair, simple and non threatening system.

I was on that Malibu Mastermind Leadership Call and I knew it was going to be something that many of my colleagues, students and friends would want to know about so I recorded the call, and I’m giving that to you right now. Here is what you need to do to get all the key information:

Get The Facts On Malibu Mastermind & See Why I’m Endorsing This

(1) FIRST: Watch This 16 Minute Video To Hear The Private Malibu Mastermind Leadership Call:

(2) SECOND: After You Watch That Video, Get MORE Information At Our Malibu Mastermind Video Channel:


(3) THIRD: Get On Our Private Leader’s Launch List ASAP

Yes as I said, there is an opportunity here for we early adopters to get the high ground, share this concept before the rest of the world hears about it … and yes … create an income stream where we can feel GOOD about “doing no harm” where we know we are providing solid, generic, but powerful training, support, coaching, mentoring and MASTERMINDING to help ANY business that needs to take their venture to the next level.

SO … while the time is right, go to this website to secure a key position with my Malibu Mastermind leadership team, and be one of the first to bring the Malibu Mastermind concept to the world with us!


NOW to some of you out there who may know me and know my history and experience in the network marketing industry.  Some of you will say:

“UH OH, there goes Bob … being disloyal to his programs like Solavei and he’s a program jumper”

It’s statements and thoughts like that are EXACTLY what I was talking about earlier.  In network marketing we have been led to believe the concept “If you are not 100 percent behind the deal, you are against the deal”.  In today’s society nothing can be further from the truth IF you take an approach where you are synthesizing and bringing together COMPLIMENTARY concepts to help your team, your business and your INCOME.

In my case:  My core business is online marketing training, coaching and mentoring.  But I am very excited and proud to be a part of Solavei helping my students, family, friends and ENTREPRENEURS (even in other network marketing companies) SAVE MONEY on Mobile … money that they can now put back into their business, or up their autoship, whatever … and I feel the same way about Malibu Mastermind.

I feel that bringing this concept to my students, family, friends, other entrepreneurs and yes, even my team on Solavei … is a good thing.  It’s not like it “competes” it ENHANCES and HELPS can maybe help them … with the masterminding and wealth mindset training and support … GET to a better mental state to take their business to the next level.

AND If we can all share in the income potential of all of these “tools” and concepts that are helping anyone’s business and NOT detracting or distracting from it.  Then it all falls into the “do no harm” philosophy of marketing.

The only people that may be miffed? (and this will make some people upset) … are the people within the specific companies out there that are maybe … oh … selling their training products to their company or team … or … CHARGING for their success training within the company geared solely for that company?  You think that’s a possibility?  I know it is because I have seen it.

The point is.  YES, I have multiple irons in the fire but they all work together in SYNERGY and can HELP ANY entrepreneur, network marketer, online marketer … whatever … and I can sleep at night knowing things like Solavei and now Malibu Mastermind are things that I can be proud of knowing that the price, value and benefit of these can only HELP someone in their business and their life!

I’m Bob Gatchel … and I approve this message! :)

Again, feel free to contact me and let’s talk if you have questions!



AND as always … feel free to contact me any time and I will give you more updates on Malibu Mastermind and answer any questions you may have!

Successfully yours




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