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The Three Crazy Myths About Network Marketing

Network marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today, where entrepreneurs are using this unique business model to create incredible streams of income in their lives. Even with the amazing success of this industry, many people still hold onto some false beliefs about the network marketing industry and how viable it is as a home business.

Myth 1: The Pyramid Scheme

One of the most common myths compares network marketing to illegal pyramid schemes. Illegal pyramid schemes are nothing but a “money game” that lure people in by making exorbitant income claims and do not sell any form of legitimate product or service to retail customers. It’s a system where money is created only by recruiting people.

Fact: All legitimate, modern multilevel marketing and network marketing businesses offer a wide range of excellent products and services that appeal to distributors and customers alike. In fact, most of the best network marketing companies offer extremely unique products that often can’t be found anywhere else, helping to create long term, happy customers.

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How To Choose The Perfect Network Marketing Opportunity

In these uncertain economic times, many people today are looking for a solid and legitimate home business model to help create another stable stream of income in their lives. Not to mention the ability to spend more time with family, and the chance to quit their jobs and become their own boss.

Rather than taking the risky path of creating their own product and then trying to create a market for the product, many entrepreneurs are choosing to get into a turnkey network marketing businesses that can be easily run from home – especially with the technology available today.

The benefits of network marketing are that the market is already there – you just have to tap it to make sales. You do not need to reinvent the wheel trying to figure out if there is a market for the product. The items being sold by most network marketing companies, such as nutritional items, cleaning products or books are items that are already in demand by the public. There is no need to create a whole new market, or having to explain the value of a product that the public already knows that it wants to buy.

To find the best network marketing company for a home business, there are a few key areas to pay attention to:

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The Foundation Of A Successful Network Marketing Business

Stick with me here for a minute OK?  I love analogies to make a point.

So here goes …

Bricks date back thousands of years ago. They’re sturdy and can stand the test of time. When builders decide to build a brick house, they don’t start from the top of the house and build down.

They build from the ground up.

Outer brick walls are not the support of the home and they are not meant to carry the entire weight of the structure. Rather, they are built after the proper foundation is poured and after the supporting inner walls are up. This is the way an online MLM business is built, too.
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How To Become A Network Marketing Leader

Today’s post comes from one of the often asked question I receive about the network marketing industry, and that is:  “How can I become a LEADER in network marketing”.

Big question … but the answer is surprisingly SHORT and SIMPLE!  Why? Because the answer IS short, sweet and extremely powerful.

Years ago I asked a similar question to my mentor and friend Robert Allen.  Here he was speaking, training, mentoring, and inspiring thousands and thousands of people.  I was in awe of what he was helping people become – and the leadership he showed.  I wanted to be able to do that – so I just sat with him and asked him the ubiquitous question …

“How did you become who you are and … how can I become a leader like you”?

The answer shocked me really …

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Tips For Growing A Thriving Network Marketing Business

Tips For Growing A Thriving Network Marketing Business

network marketingAs one of the inaugural articles for this website, I want to cover some basic but important tips covering some wide areas of home based business and network marketing.  In this article I want to cover some of the basic truths and tips about how anyone can build a successful network marketing business.

Look … let me be the first to say – do NOT let network marketing intimidate you!  Network Marketing (or MLM) is one of the very best ways that any average person can achieve above average income, with no ceiling, and no matter what your education or socio-economic status is. MLM could be one of the greatest methods of making money you could find!

But … many times people get caught up in what DOESN’T work in network marketing (or start using old style methods that do not work as well) to build a business.

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