Group Consulting & Mentoring

Small Group Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring With Bob

The most powerful way to work with Bob Gatchel is one on one consulting. In just a few targeted hours, he can radically change your outlook and your business and life results.

However, his hourly rate of $800 an hour can be intimidating to some, so he has created a weekly group mentoring class where he consults about 5-10 clients per week in a small group mastermind-style coaching, consulting and mentoring call.

It works as a questions – and – answers mastermind style coaching call, so each client has the opportunity to ask Sean one (1) question, which he will thoroughly answer on the call or schedule a 1-1 call to do so (at no additional charge) if the question is too involved for the coaching program). Once every client has had an opportunity to ask 1 question, the “round robin” begins again, with each client again able to ask 1 question.

The live call is designed to be 1 hour in length, however Bob will generally hold it for as long as you the client stay engaged and have questions, and he’s been known to coach for as long as 2 1/2 – to 3 hours on this call! Although not usual to go that long, a typical call does run from 60 to 90 minutes.

As you know, Bob charges $800 an hour for 1-1 consulting; this call affords you up to 15 minutes per week of time with Bob, so a total of up to 1 hour of time per month, per client.

However, because of the group aspect of the call, instead of $800, the group mentoring is a flat rate of $197 per month, and is also guaranteed 100%!

If at any time on any call, you are not convinced that the call or the month of calls was worth $800 or more, just let Bob know in a private email and he will refund your last coaching payment (he doesn’t refund prior months, as he believes that if you weren’t satisfied with coaching prior to the current month, you should have cancelled coaching at that time).

This group mentoring, consulting & coaching program is NOT open for general admittance, because he only wants to work with clients who are highly motivated to make change happen in their life, are willing to work hard, and are generally responsive to instruction, among a few other filters, so he requires a pre-enrollment consultation.

In order to schedule a pre-enrollment consultation, simply use the form below to make a $100 refundable deposit, and Bob will schedule a time to talk with you personally, determine if you are a good fit to work with him in the group coaching/mentoring environment; if you and he determine you are a good fit to work together, you’ll enroll in the program after the call, and the deposit will be applied to your first month of coaching.

If you or he determines you are not a good fit to work together, he’ll refund your deposit immediately after the call.

To make your deposit payment and schedule your “One on One Discussion”
to determine if you are a good fit to work with Bob, Click the button below!