Social Commerce Accelerator

2 Cent FB Clicks Training

33 Videos showing you how to generate a flood of hot prospects & leads off of Facebook for as little as 2 cents per click!   This course is valued at $97, yours FREE

57 Free Traffic Sources Revealed

9 videos and an information packed resource guide showing you the top 57 sources that can generate a ton of traffic for FREE. This course if valued at $37, yours FREE

Be A Blogging Rockstar

A complete training system, checklist, workbook and resource guide showing you, step by step to build your brand and your business and create targeted traffic with Blogging.  This course is valued at $27, yours FREE

Multiple Streams Of Traffic Manual

This manual picks up where the 57 Free Traffic Sources training leaves off.  We cover 10 more unique ways of creating “multiple streams of traffic” to any offer!  This course is valued at $29, yours FREE

Easy Internet Marketing Video Training

Great for “beginners” to online marketing and great for veterans as an Internet marketing refresher course. A 9 part video training series going through the key components of setting up a profitable marketing funnel online.  This course is valued at $47, yours FREE!

Email Marketing Mastery

Email marketing is still a powerful way to engage with your audience and create sales and build a business.  This manual, audio and video training gives you everything you need to become an expert at email marketing.  This training is valued at $37,

The Facebook Marketing Encylopedia

This is a series of three separate courses that shows anyone how to capitalize on Facebook and use it to build a massive business with tons of raving fans and customers wanting what you have to offer.

Course 1 – Facebook Essentials

This is a 9 part video series that shows you the in’s and out’s of setting yourself up for successful Facebook promotion.  This course give you a strong foundation on how to really leverage Facebook for your business.

Course 2 – Facebook Traffic Methods

This is another 9 part video series that let’s you look over our shoulder as you learn about the different ways of generating massive traffic on Facebook.

Course 3 – Facebook Advertising

This manual gives you further, in depth training, tips and techniques on how to effectively use the Facebook advertising platform to create leads, get customers and generate sales for pennies on the dollar.

Course 4 – Facebook Fanpage Mastery

This training gives you more detailed instruction on how to build a massive community on Facebook using the power of a Facebook Fan Page.  You’ll learn how to set up your page the right way from the start so you won’t make any profit killing mistakes!

Course 5 – Facebook Cash Formula

Now THIS is THE course that ties all of this Facebook training together.  With this 7 video training and system guide, you’ll learn how to put these techniques on autopilot so you can generate on demand leads and customers!

People have used this to make over $300 per day, and now you’ll know how to do this too.

This entire Facebook Marketing Encyclopedia is valued at $297, yours FREE

LinkedIn Marketing Machine

This training manual will show you how to use one of the underused but super powerful business building tools on the internet … LinkedIn.  With this you’ll learn exactly how to use this powerful property and do it the RIGHT way!  This course is valued at $47 but you get it FREE

Low & No Cost Affiliate Marketing Techniques

In this 34 part video course I provide you with even MORE detailed training on how to promote your business online for free or for pennies!  These are a great way to get the cash-flow growing quickly with these easy techniques!  This course if valued at $97 but it’s your’s FREE!

Pinterest Profits

This training shows you how to use the power of Pinterest to generate leads and sales!  This is a really fun and sneaky way to make money!  This course is valued at $37 but you get it FOR FREE

Tumbler Marketing Made Easy

This 10 part video training with system manual, cheat sheets and resource guides show you how to use Tumbler to accelerate your marketing online!  Everything from how to set up your “machine” correctly to the tweaks and tricks to get “love” from the search engines to help you generate leads and sales!  This course is valued at $77 but you get this FREE

The YouTube Marketing Course

Youtube is the second biggest search engine next to google, and google owns youtube … so VIDEO is an essential tool to building your business and making money online.  This is a two part course consisting 7 videos and system manual that takes you step by step , to show you how to leverage Youtube to your advantage … and no you don’t need to be on video  to make this work, you’ll learn TONS of other ways to make videos that are lead magnets!

This course is valued at $67 but you get it FOR FREE

Twitter Marketing Machine

This system manual shows you the tips and tricks on how to use Twitter to create streams of income in your business, and it’s easier than you think!  This course is Valued at $27 but you get this FOR FREE

Turning Traffic Into Gold

This is a huge, master-class on the art of Internet marketing … particularly in the arena of relationship marketing and leveraging high tech tools to create a high touch situation, that creates customers for life!

We cover things like:

Why it’s important to foster certain habits in your web site visitors so that you make more money from each person.

Why you must understand and respond to the unconscious desires and needs of your web site visitors.

Why a visitor’s greed is so critical to making the sale.

Why making visitors feel special will increase your
sales and your profits.

Why you must connect with your web site visitors on a deeper level if you want them to spend lots of money.

How you can provide extra value so that the visitor will feel obligated to make a purchase.

How you can use the right words and right phrases to simply and clearly encourage your visitors to spend their money with you.

How curiosity can be the most powerful sales tool at your disposal

And much much more…

This is a huge audio course that is 5 hours and 40 minutes of the most important marketing information that MOST marketers NEVER hear about and what all the TOP Internet marketers KNOW to be successful!  This course is valued at $497 but you get this FREE


My Split Second Prospecting Course – THIS is HUGE

This MASSIVE course filled with hours of video training and detailed system guides teach you how to use the power of low cost paid advertising to generate large profits.  Why use paid advertising?

Basically high quality, instant results with a lot of customers, members, and leads!  And if you do it the way I teach you in this MASSIVE course, you can actually PROFIT while you are generating leads too!

I teach you everything from how to find and use the best solo ad providers, how to get your advertising for free, how to use display ads, pay per click ads, how to structure your offer so you profit every time.

Using the information in this course, I’ve personally generated tens of thousands of leads and thousands upon thousands of dollars quickly and easy.  I’ve even used it to create residual income by using these techniques to build huge teams in the direct selling industry to boot!

Normally this course sold for $695, but I have taken it off the market and have made it available only to my students and team members.  Now you can get this course for FREE when you join us in RE 24/7/365!