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As you know from my Biography, I’ve been well known in the home business, entrepreneurial, network marketing space for almost 25 years!  And it’s been a blast & a privilege to work with so many great people over the years as we locked arms to create brighter financial futures together!   It’s had it’s ups & downs, successes and challenges … but it was all worth it!

After making the hard decision to “retire” from the industry in 2009, I spend the next few years researching, consulting, learning, watching and observing the industry to look for something that was going to break the mold of the “me too” competitive environment of the “traditional MLM world”.   In July 2012 I made one of the best decisions in my business career and become one of the Founding Members of a company called … Solavei!

What Is Solavei?  Watch This 6 Minute Video, SERIOUSLY!  Watch It ALL!


Now if you did watch this video, you’ll see that this is not just “another mobile deal”.  And if you think that, just leave this page now because you don’t see the big picture.  I’m not kidding!

Solavei is a cutting edge, tightly integrated social commerce system that lets ANYONE easily share this great service and get rewarded not only by eliminating their own mobile bill totally but making money from it too not by selling another pill, potion, lotion or shake that people pay MORE for in the HOPES that they MIGHT make money … but for a product that is many times LESS than they pay!

Is it working?  You bet!  We have people earning over $1,000 a MONTH residually by having only 60 friends and family in their group.  Yes, $1,000 a month for 60 customers! Here are just a FEW of our newest success stories:


What Does This Have To Do With You? A LOT!
I’m Looking To Work With 15 KEY PEOPLE Who’ll
Follow My Proven Training & Solavei’s Proven
Concept To Start Making $1,000 A Month OR
MORE With The Next 90 Days OR LESS!

Bottom Line?  As one of the leading teams in Solavei, our organization is one of the fastest growing in the company and we are in need of people that just want to become part of a leadership team to take this company, our concept and YOUR income to the next level.  

It starts with our 1K Club and as we show you how to help people do the same, your income can grow way past $1,000 a month or more very quickly.  Because Solavei is so “in demand”.  We went from ZERO to over 135,000 customers in 90 days!   And that we’re just getting started … and you are here at a point on the ground floor of a soon to be global brand – helping people save & make money & creating financial security for yourself doing it!

I have 15 KEY positions that will be filled in a first come, first served basis!
After that ANY other members coming in by my marketing & promotion
will be assigned to these 15 leaders to help build strong and solid
teams so that EVERYONE wins and SUCCEEDS in Solavei!

If you make the smart move to work with me in Solavei you get:

  • A Founding Member Team With FULL TIME Support
  • Over $2,000 In Free Online Marketing Tools At Our Training Site at (and you GIVE this away too as a key member)
  • ACCESS To Our Private Facebook Mastermind & Training Group
  • Exclusive Marketing Tools, Systems, Support, Webinars and MORE!

How do you lock in your spot?  Easy.  Just use the contact form BELOW to secure your position, and let’s talk on the phone so I can answer any questions you have and see if we are a good fit to work together.  I want to be sure you get all the information you need to make a fully informed and well educated decision … FAIR ENOUGH?

So! Complete the form with your information and I look forward to talking with you and working with you as part of our Solavei team!

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