Hi!  I’m Bob Gatchel – Let Me Introduce Myself.

I’m glad you’ve taken the time to visit my site to learn more about me and the projects and services I provide to individuals, companies and organizations!  You can learn all about that throughout this site, but on this page I want to introduce myself and to let you know more about me personally.

Engineer to Entrepreneur

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever feel that I would be living the life of a home business entrepreneur, consultant and coach!  On the contrary.  I started out professionally to be an Electrical Engineer but due to a string of layoffs when the industry I was working in “collapsed”, I needed to find a new way to create the kind of income I wanted, with the security that didn’t come with a “traditional job”

So back in the late 1980’s I began learning, investigating, testing and working several types of home business concepts while I was struggling to keep afloat financially – and although it was tough and very scary – it was the best thing to ever happen to me, and my families financial life has been changed forever for the better thanks to building a home based business.

Success From Failure

During the depths of my “financial issues” with being laid off, facing foreclosure, being on welfare and food stamps to take care of my young family … I really went through a lot of eduction in the “school of hard knocks” when it came to building a home business while I was working any job I could to pay the bills … barely.  I mean I did anything and everything I could to make money.  I cleaned pools, did telemarketing for a collectibles company and even did a stint at some amateur acting!  But they all paid the bills.

As far as home business, a lot of things didn’t work, but a few did … and those few “gems” were the foundation of the business that I still have to this day.

In the mid 90’s I had this crazy idea about using this new thing called the Internet to find prospects and customers for a new health and nutrition network marketing company out of Utah.  Today, this is almost common sense – but back then – it was nuts!

Well … my mentors, my colleagues and my small group of team members all worked together to do this to create a massive team that extended into numerous foreign countries – with an ever growing number of new members, customers and friends!

That was THE first taste of business success … and we used that success to springboard into expanding this concept.

Diversification & Expansion

The Internet proved to be an amazing tool and in typical fashion, it spawned other ideas and opportunities in the world of network marketing, the new concept of affiliate marketing, selling information products, selling services, using the internet for public relations – you name it.

So we formed a company to do each and every one of those things (and more) and we even took on clients to help them use the internet for their own businesses ranging from:  network marketers, local businesses, real estate investors, realtors, physicians, serial entrepreneurs and even working with best selling authors like Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen and Richard Paul Evans.

It was during this time that I was asked to be a guest author and featured in the world wide best selling book by noted wealth coach and trainer, Robert G. Allen.  That book was called Multiple Streams of Internet Income.  A book that has been called a bible of some of the very best internet marketing concepts ever compiled.

I was also featured in the famous ebook by fellow online marketing entrepreneur Yanik Silver called Million Dollar Emails where I and other top online entrepreneurs were asked to spill the beans on our best marketing communications … and that book is STILL being sold to this day!

I’ve also been featured in Investor’s Business Daily as one of the early entrepreneurs to use the internet to promote a business on the web, and also been interviewed for several marketing blogs.

I was even asked to compile some of my best internet marketing tips, tricks and techniques into a home study program called Internet Riches Made Easy which has sold thousand and thousands of copies worldwide!

This training course is one of my proudest achievements and I’m still constantly adding to this and updating it to keep up with the ever changing world of the Internet and online marketing.

Besides individual consulting and coaching … I’ve been asked to speak in front of thousands of people in various seminars and training sessions around the country on the subject of internet marketing, network marketing and entrepreneurship.

All of which continues to this day, and I feel so fortunate to be able to share my experience with other entrepreneurs ranging from the brand new to veteran business people.

An amazing difference from being the laid off engineer on welfare!

My Favorite Business Model Ever  & Why You Should Consider It

Yes, over the years, I’ve been able to achieve success in a wide range of online and offline based businesses from affiliate marketing to real estate investing to intellectual property, but my most favorite business model of them all … and the most long term FUN and profitable business models has had to be network marketing, hands down.

Why?  Because I know for a fact that a good, solid network marketing opportunity is by far the very best way for ANYONE from any background to achieve massive success.  I should know because that is what I did.

In the past 20+ years I started literally from ground zero with no money in my pocket and struggled to get started in the industry … to becoming a top income earner, recruiter and award winner in THREE different companies.  I’m talking about earning more money in a week than I did in months as an engineer and even traveling the world – for free, by winning trips, and even being able to take my family with me to enjoy the fruits of that labor

And best of all … never needing to worry about a jerk of a boss or ever losing my job due to downsizing ever again.  But what’s even better than that?  Being able to build a business that would continue to build a RESIDUAL income stream for me – paying me week after week, month after month, like clockwork – even if I did NOT work the business.

Now THAT is real financial independence and that is what a good, solid, sound and legitimate network marketing opportunity can provide anyone!

Enough About Me.  What About YOU?

Are you you looking for options?
Are you someone who knows they are worth more than they are being paid?
Are you a business owner that needs an “adjustment” to expand your business?
Are you looking for a way to break free and really create financial independence?

Well … then let’s talk!  Because I’ve been there and have been through the “mine field” where I made ALL the mistakes (and learned from the mistakes of my mentors) and don’t just talk the talk … I’ve walked the walk!

I attribute my success to constantly moving and failing forward and being willing to learn from these mistakes and treat them as “blessings in disguise”  BUT … knowing that came from working with mentors, coaches and consultants that helped me see what was “good about a bad situation” and showed me how to turn the bad into good, the good into excellent, and excellent into phenomenal!

And I’d like to help you do that too!  Helping you achieve whatever level of financial, personal or business success that you desire!

I firmly believe and help people see that they CAN live the life of their dreams if they are just willing to “suspend their disbelief” even for a little while to SEE the possibilities that can exist if they are willing to take the time to really see them.

I’ve done it, and I’d like to help you too … to “pay forward” everything that I learned from my mentors and my 20+ years of experience.   Are you ready?  Then let’s talk!

Your buddy in the business …