If you are like me and have been around the home business and network marketing arena, the topic of “getting in on the ground floor” always comes up, especially when talking about some of the big and successful companies in the industry.

When talking about some of the “giant companies” in the industry … someone invariably says: “Man, I wish I got in on the ground floor when that started”.  C’mon, you’ve heard it, you may have even said it but probably most of us have thought that!  You know I’m right!   Because we know that if we did get in on the ground floor of one of these NOW successful companies, and we worked it, we COULD be in the enviable position of making amazing money.

Now … here is where there is a problem in that thinking.  EVERYONE SAYS that they wish they were in at the beginning or ground floor of a new company … but they don’t know the time, energy and work that goes along with it.  AND MORE importantly they don’t know the hassles, stumbles, issues, errors, problems, and just plain confusion that happens when a new company starts.

They see a Xango or MonaVie or Primerica or Visalus … and they think that just because they got in “early” that because now these companies are “dialed in” that it was a cakewalk to get started in the beginning!  SORRY … that just ain’t true!  When you get in on the “ground floor” of an opportunity you will be overworked, underpaid, and stressed out more than you can imagine because that IS WHAT HAPPENS IN START UPS!

Do you remember the exploding bottles at Xango?  I do.  Or how about MonaVie when it was first called Monarch Health Sciences that was down to it’s last dime before they adapted and became MonaVie.  Or Primerica when the insurance industry was trying to put them out of business or Visalus that was almost broke in 2008 before becoming the marketing giant it is now.   THE POINT IS … Start ups are NOT easy PERIOD!

In my 25 years in the industry I have participated in one way, shape or form in a handful of startup companies in different fields and I can tell you that in each one of them, the startup phase was probably the most work and most aggravation and hassle I have ever done – but it was worth it because those are “learning steps” you take to GROW that big company, and I have been blessed to make tremendous income from these startups as they grew.

Right now I’m part of an amazing new “startup” called Solavei that is not only a startup company but also providing mobile phone service at $49 a month unlimited voice, data, text. The people, product, pay plan and philosophy of the company is second to none and one of the strongest value propositions I have ever seen.

BUT … I can tell you that as a Founding Member, this is by far one of the most challenging I have ever been through AND THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT!  Why is it the most challenging?  Well, it’s a start up company and that in and of itself has it’s own challenges, but unlike a company that sells a bottle of pills or shakes that are “simple to understand” – we are now also dealing with a “technically based product” where folks need to do things like: read instructions, handle some minor computer skills, read instructions, follow advice, understand some of the minor technical things that go with mobile phone and service, and oh, did I say read instructions and follow them?   The point is … this is right now like a startup within a startup and there are more issues than I have experienced in other companies.

Is it a pain in the neck?  ABSOLUTELY!   But … FOLKS, IT’S A STARTUP and that is EXACTLY what happens in a startup!  And I can say that for a startup that is breaking ground in a new area, Solavei is doing tremendous things and improving on a daily basis FASTER than I have seen other companies do in the past.  They react!

My concern is I see people complaining about “hold times” … slow response … things not working the first time … errors … mistakes … adjustments … technical challenges … some even behaving like petulant children who are now complaining about these issues.

But I guarantee that many times these same people talk “whistfully” about being on the ground floor of that last big deal … not realizing they are ON the ground floor of the next big deal and like it or not … THIS IS WHAT THE GROUND FLOOR LOOKS LIKE and the way to get through this is work, understanding, support, communication and realizing that many times you are going to be dealing with a lot of confusion and be “overworked and underpaid” but … that is how you WIN in this industry.

It reminds of the old phrase that goes:

“I will do today what most people won’t, to live tomorrow like most people can’t”


And part of that in being in a “start up” is being part of the solution and not part of the problem.  It’s about BEING the person to solve as many problems as you can, get answers as you can and spread the solutions to your teams and colleagues in a sense of community, solidarity and forward thinking positiveness even in the face of challenges.

SO … before ever again think that you wish you were in on the ground floor of a start up company, ask yourself are you willing to be strong enough and work hard enough to get through this phase so that years down the road you won’t ever have to wished you’d done that, but have the self satisfaction that you DID do it and are now reaping the rewards of your labor.

Just sayin …



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