Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted about my rant against online tools!  BUT here we go.

Look … I have been marketing online since before there were things called autoresponders and page builders.

I have been through the evolution of these systems AND HAVE ALSO FALLEN VICTIM to their capricious standards and massive price increases.

I mean until recently I was paying the following:

$97 a MONTH for ClickFunnels

$200 a MONTH for my autoresponder system

$87 a MONTH for my app creator for online marketing

$47 a MONTH for a video marketing platform

AND a few more dollars for the yearly fee for my Wishlist Member wordpress plugin to make membership sites for delivering my training.  SERIOUSLY close to $800 a month if you add it all up.  WHICH IS GOOD because these systems are all making money!

BUT … my friend Erik (a long time internet marketer) was pissed a these prices and the lack of features and decided to build a new, complete, integrated online marketing system for entrepreneurs … that wouldn’t break the bank.

He did with his Builderall system … you get a TON of great features for only $48 a month TOTAL, including some REALLY great training on building good systems for marketing online.

I started using it a while ago and it’s AMAZING what you get for the measly $48 a month.  I’m saving over $700+ a MONTH with this and it’s BETTER than all of these “piecemeal” systems since all of the pieces work IN CONCERT with no integrations etc.  IT WORKS OUT OF THE BOX!

The price for this is going to go up to $97 a month very shortly (still a bargain) but for now you can lock in this special “Friend of Bob” price if you use this link below:


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