Stick with me here for a minute OK?  I love analogies to make a point.

So here goes …

Bricks date back thousands of years ago. They’re sturdy and can stand the test of time. When builders decide to build a brick house, they don’t start from the top of the house and build down.

They build from the ground up.

Outer brick walls are not the support of the home and they are not meant to carry the entire weight of the structure. Rather, they are built after the proper foundation is poured and after the supporting inner walls are up. This is the way an online MLM business is built, too.
Begin by laying out a plan in the direction the business will be built. The first thing you’ll do is determine who needs the product you’re promoting. You want to build the business to reach as many people as possible, but you also understand that not everyone will want or need it.

For the people who want the products you offer, your job isn’t as hard – because there’s already a basic desire there. For others, they need to know why they need the product. That’s the way it is in any business that offers something for sale. Learn the benefits of the product and how to entice people to join your business opportunity, too.

Because you’ll be building an online MLM business, you’ll need to formulate a plan for your web presence. Some of the companies out there will have a template you can use, but do you want to stand apart from your competition? If so, then you need to find a way to create a unique website.

You need a plan for your recruitment process, too. Recruiting your downline is a never-ending process. You can’t just sign on twenty people and expect your business to grow on the backs of other people’s hard work.

Improper building of an online MLM business has consequences. Like a home not built to code, a network marketing business that has taken too many shortcuts won’t last long.
Poor training of the recruits, getting too busy to support their efforts, and not motivating them to reach their own potential success will cause everything to crumble and force you to start from scratch again.

These are just the fundamental elements you need to implement in order to build a better business. There are additional, more sophisticated steps you can take to catapult your company to the top in the network marketing industry. But the proper building of an online MLM business is important. Do it right and it’ll support you and your family for years.

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