Today’s post comes from one of the often asked question I receive about the network marketing industry, and that is:  “How can I become a LEADER in network marketing”.

Big question … but the answer is surprisingly SHORT and SIMPLE!  Why? Because the answer IS short, sweet and extremely powerful.

Years ago I asked a similar question to my mentor and friend Robert Allen.  Here he was speaking, training, mentoring, and inspiring thousands and thousands of people.  I was in awe of what he was helping people become – and the leadership he showed.  I wanted to be able to do that – so I just sat with him and asked him the ubiquitous question …

“How did you become who you are and … how can I become a leader like you”?

The answer shocked me really …

Basically he said (in a nutshell) EVERYONE has the see of leadership in them, EVERYONE.  All they need to do is start to act … and share their knowledge & experience … no matter how small, so that that “mighty oak” of being a leader can GROW from these small actions.

You could have knocked me over with a feather.  And you know what?  Bob was right and I followed that advice and within a short time I went from being just a guy working his online network marketing business with some ideas … to speaking in front of thousands, mentoring my clients and students, and helping tons of people achieve their level of financial success.  In just a few short MONTHS!   NOT TO MENTION making a greater income by doing so.

Remember … you can get rich by enriching others.  And it all starts with becoming a leader!  So … how can anyone, even the newest person in this industry start from ground zero to becoming a sought after leader in this industry?  Let’s go over a few simple tips to get the ball rolling!

Look …

(1) Get Training

When a new entrepreneur launches a network marketing business, training is the first step.  Every company handles this differently, though the goal is to get trainees quickly up to speed on product details and generating leads. People who are natural leaders quickly stand out and become the top money earners.

Training calls may not cover the details on how to become a leader.  This doesn’t mean someone who does not have “leadership instincts” must be resigned to mediocre profits.  Anyone can adopt leadership traits and utilize them to generate more prospects and sales.

Leadership can be learned and copied.  So model leaders you respect, and get training from them within your chosen company!

(2) Act Like A Leader Right Away

Leaders speak up and stand out and ACT.  This does not mean being loud or rude or pushy.  Instead of sitting back and letting others take charge to volunteer and take responsibility.  Step up and organize local meetings. Invite others.  Have a topic for the meeting or just allow it as time for creative brain-storming. This allows people to get to know you, builds opportunity to prospect, and establishes you as an authority figure.

Don’t sit back and fade into the crowd at local and regional monthly meetings. Not only this is a time to get to know your upline sponsors, it’s an occasion to volunteer to do a brief presentation.  A talk can be about a success, a new product, or selling tips.

And this is a great way to practice in front of your new friends, colleagues and mentors who WANT to see you succeed.

(3) Volunteer Your Services

Volunteer to host weekly training calls.  The calls could be introductory sessions to learn more about your organization or support training calls. Or partner with other reps and co-lead the call for more exposure.   By becoming the person behind the scenes organizing, you’ll be inspiring others and helping your company’s growth.

And as people hear you, see you, and watch you stepping up to the plate.  You BECOME that leader that people respect and admire for being there.  Yes, this is within the company at first but as new guests come on calls or attend meetings … they too see you as the leader and better yet … when you have YOUR prospects on these calls or meetings, THEY see you as the leader volunteering to host calls or lead meetings.

This sets you apart big time when you are up in front of the room instead of sitting next to them in the meeting – or leading the webinar or conference call instead of just being a participant.

(4) Organize

Set up a success team or accountability group.  Join up with three or four other reps or distributors.  On a regular basis report goals, accomplishments and to-do tasks to the team.  Discuss strategies that worked or failed.  Meetings can be held via telephone conference calls, private chat rooms or forum groups, or in person.
(5) Just DO IT!

Look.  You are not going to be perfect, polished or inspiring every time you do some of these things.  That’s OK because it’s not how good you are at first, it’s the fact that you are ACTING and DOING these few things to start building your leadership.

Within a short period of time the speaking, the presenting, the training and coaching comes with ease and you get better and better as you get more comfortable with it.

Then one day you turn around and people will start asking your advice.  People will want you to speak and train on their calls.  People may even want to pay you for your time to speak or train.  You may be asked to create a training product you can sell.   And most importantly, you will find that prospects seem to just GRAVITATE to you where you become a magnetic sponsor that people WANT to work with.

Gone will be the days when you are asking people to look at your business when instead they come to you asking to look at working WITH YOU!

Remember … becoming a top, respected leader in this industry is not hard.  But it takes action … and willingness to do the small things that lead to the bigger things that help you become the leader you want to be.    Leaders are not born, they are made.  And leadership starts with OURSELVES and us doing the things that leaders DO before we arrive at that destination.

So … get cracking and take that first step TODAY!

Until next time …


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