In these uncertain economic times, many people today are looking for a solid and legitimate home business model to help create another stable stream of income in their lives. Not to mention the ability to spend more time with family, and the chance to quit their jobs and become their own boss.

Rather than taking the risky path of creating their own product and then trying to create a market for the product, many entrepreneurs are choosing to get into a turnkey network marketing businesses that can be easily run from home – especially with the technology available today.

The benefits of network marketing are that the market is already there – you just have to tap it to make sales. You do not need to reinvent the wheel trying to figure out if there is a market for the product. The items being sold by most network marketing companies, such as nutritional items, cleaning products or books are items that are already in demand by the public. There is no need to create a whole new market, or having to explain the value of a product that the public already knows that it wants to buy.

To find the best network marketing company for a home business, there are a few key areas to pay attention to:

1. Does the company sell something that you can believe in? If you do not have a passion about the product or the concept, then you should not choose that particular network marketing company. You want this home business to be fun and something you enjoy.

2. Are the items jut fads that won’t be in demand for long, or are they items that the public will be interested in for years to come? You want a product or concept that will stand the test of time.

3. Are there a variety of items, or just the one product? There’s a better chance of success when you can sell related items to a customer instead of just one product. And, when there are many products, there is no limit as to how many each customer might be interested in buying. The more you can offer, the more your customers will buy.

4. How difficult will it be to get customers and your “downline associates” interested in the items? Will you have to spend a long time explaining the product, or is it simple enough to attract a lot of attention? The KISS (keep it short and simple) principle really applies here. It if takes too long to describe the product or concept, people just won’t buy or join.

5. Is the business so pervasive that everyone you are likely to market to has already joined it? Is it new enough that you can still introduce the idea to potential customers and plenty of downline associates?

If you can find a network marketing company that meets these criteria, then you’ve found a company, product and concept that has tremendous potential to be a wildly successful home business.

A network marketing business like the one described is one that will also be attractive to other people wanting to break into the home business arena and become part of your downline organization – which spells even great profits for you – since they will have the same excitement to grow their organizations as well. This duplication can create a huge residual income stream.

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