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In response to numerous requests, I’m now going to post the results of something that I have been testing … and that is the best way to generate leads online that doesn’t cost a lot or require any huge technical skills!

But before I do … I have to make a confession.  Look, I’ve been doing online marketing for a long, long time.  And in the early days it was just crazy.  Everything was new so we just did a lot of things that failed and a lot of things that worked.  BUT over the years as things got more sophisticated and technologically “easier” to work online … many of us drifted away from the BASICS of marketing, depending on technology solutions to do the marketing for us.

Well …as the old saying goes, everything old is new again!  And thanks to a “wake up call” from a “snot nosed kid” who is one of my marketing students (smile) – he definitely “one upped” me by using MY OWN TECHNIQUE AGAINST ME!  And “old school” technique that I stopped using and am KICKING MYSELF because I did!

You see … back in the late 90’s I was asked to contribute to a chapter in Robert Allen’s book “Multiple Streams of Internet Income” where I shared with him my “shocking” technique of generating leads online.   It was well received but over the years … that technique sunk into the sands of time and I forgot about it, until now.

That SECRET lead generation technique?  BUYING ADVERTISING ONLINE!

WHAT?  No SEO?  No Blogging?  No Forum Posting?  No Techy Website Tricks?  NOPE!

Here is the concept:

  • Find advertising venues online that match your niche or product
  • Advertise on those sites, lists, services
  • Direct people back to your system so they get more information
  • Capture their information
  • Sell them & Make Money

It truly is as simple as that.  AND if you can make enough money to cover your advertising costs, or even just a little under you are generating very cheap or even FREE leads, very quickly when compared to trying to do all the technical mumbo jumbo we all seem to do these days to generate leads.

But it can get better … and I covered this in my chapter.  IF you structure the system correctly you could actually not just break even but you could MAKE MONEY while generating leads so that you can not only cover your advertising cost, but make more money to advertise.  And when you do that you get more leads.  More leads means more prospects and more customers and then more money from your business.  The money is in the list and if you can get paid to build a list you can make a fortune.

How does this work.  It’s just a minor twist:

  • Find a front end product (affiliate / CPA offer etc) that resonates with your nice
  • Advertise to get them to your site & capture their information
  • Sell them on the “front end” product
  • Some will buy, some won’t
  • BUT if the offer is good enough you can make money
  • BUT Then you PROMOTE your MAIN product to ALL the leads!

A minor tweak but a major difference.   How we do this is find an affiliate program or a CPA offer that has high conversion and high payout and “lead with that”, make our money and keep all the leads.  Again, the product has to be relevant to your perfect customer.

Without revealing all the details here of my test.  I want to share with you how I MADE $1.42 for every lead I generated for a recent campaign.  THAT is before I even sold them my BACK END PRODUCT!

  • Cost = $75 for a small run advertising test
  • Generated 368 Visitors to my capture page
  • 122 of those visitors “opted in” for more information.
  • The “front end product” was a LOW cost (to them) service that created a $50 commission to me when they purchased.
  • This generated only $250 in sales.  That could be better but it was my fault with a technical glitch that turned off some buyers!
  • That crated a $175 PROFIT up front!  Even before I hit them with my “main offer”
  • SO $175 divided by 122 leads = $1.43 PROFIT per lead created!
  • The “back end” consists of two “tools” that customers in this industry will want to use and need and pay a nice average of $30 a month back to me.
  • So if only say … 5 of them act that would be a residual $150 per month
  • OR a total income in month 1 of approximately $325 on a $75 advertising investment!

So what do you think you should do with that profit?  YOU GOT IT … reinvest and do the same thing over and over again.  SO that you scale it up and in a short period of time you could be creating a HUGE list of people that you can go back to with other products and services!

Look … even if I just made enough money to cover the cost of the advertising and I made not one red cent on the front end, but still got 122 leads and a residual $150 a month from that promotion … it’s STILL making money in the short AND long run!

So can it be done … yes.  How can you do it?  Stay tuned.  After sharing this with some of my colleagues and students, they are asking me to do a webinar or training on how to do this!  I will be offering this for FREE to everyone so … keep checking back and I will post on facebook about this training too!

AND for those of you that are students of mine or part of any of the network marketing or direct sales programs I support – I have some extra goodies for you too!


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