In today’s update, I want to share with you a “review” of one of the most important books that I was recently introduced to and that is called:  The Secret Code Of Success!

And I think I can sum up my review and advice on this book in 4 words:

BUY IT – READ IT!  (Click here to get a great deal on it at

You see … as an entrepreneur, I can attribute much of my success in business and life with the training and mentoring that I have received from my mentors, trainers and coaches.   And a key part of my success is doing that these mentors told me to do and a BIG part is to CONTINUALLY read and learn from books like Think and Grow Rich (which I read once a year every year) and even from biographies of top leaders in the world of business, technology, politics etc.

Bottom line?  This self education is VITAL to success in any areas of your life.

So … what is so special about this little book?  Well … it literally shocked me and DISTURBED ME.

Because as I read it, it acted like a mirror revealing some ultra-hidden aspect of my life that was causing me to actually “self sabotage” my success!   I thought I was doing well, but after I read this book and what it showed me – I know for a FACT that I was unknowingly holding back from the FULL potential!

I was going to write more about it but happened to see a description by a reviewer on that … said it all (thank you Elizabeth Genco)

Have you read all the books, listened to all the audios, been to all the seminars… and still don’t have the success that you want?This book has the answer. No, really.That’s a pretty tall promise for a success program. And if you’re the guy or gal who has read all the books, listened to all the audios, and been to all the seminars, you’ve undoubtedly been made that promise over and over again.This book is different. No, really.

Let me give you a few examples of what I’m talking about.

We all know (if I may give a shout-out to Earl Nightingale here) “we become what we think about,” “thoughts become things” and, according to certain movies I could name, if you think about a shiny new bicycle REALLY HARD and for long enough, it’ll just appear in your garage like magic.

The problem is, we don’t have as much control over our thoughts as we think we do. 90% of our thinking is on autopilot, buried deep in our subconscious minds. Most of it doesn’t serve us as we try to make a change in our lives.

Nobody really talks about this, because, you know, changing your subconscious takes quite a bit of conscious attention (and yes, WORK). But there’s no getting around it: unless you clear out “the head trash,” you’ll be stuck forever. Noah can teach you how to clear out the head trash.

Another one: Have you ever been told, “Just believe in yourself!”? There’s just one problem: we DON’T believe in ourselves (see head trash, above). That’s why you must, must, MUST find someone who believes in you more than you do. This is not optional.

This one really hit me hard because I’ve seen it in my own life. I’ve been blessed with incredible friends and family for my entire life. But it wasn’t until my husband came along and held that place of believing in me – EVERY DAY, ALL DAY LONG – that my subconscious finally started to “get it”… and my life is shifting dramatically.

Thanks to my Loving Mirror (as Noah calls ’em), I am living my life purpose every day, the kind of massive success I want is starting to come, and I’m consciously planting seeds for more success over the next couple of years, and beyond. I know without a doubt that I would STILL be turning my wheels without that kind of Loving Mirror support that my husband provides.

That’s why I know what Noah says is true: if you don’t have a Loving Mirror, you have to get one. Luckily, he shows you how to find a Loving Mirror and set up the systems of support you need in every area of your life.

Another one: “Setting your goals” is all fine and good, but what if they’re someone ELSE’S goals? Noah shows you how to get back in touch with what you really want – removing a huge block you probably didn’t even know you had.

You can see why this book is worth your money, and more importantly, worth your time. But I haven’t even mentioned the crown jewel yet…

Noah’s system of Afformations is simply brilliant. (Note: I do NOT use the word “brilliant” lightly, but there’s no other word for it.) Afformation questions get your mind working FOR you, not against you, in the most simple, elegant, effortless way. For that tool alone, I hope he becomes a billionaire.

A longtime practitioner of inner work and self-development, I have, in fact, heard some of these concepts before. But never so elegant and accessible as this. That’s why I will be recommending The Secret Code Of Success to all of my clients, students, and writing colleagues going forward. Thank you, Noah!


So seriously … get this book now and start putting this system into ACTION NOW.  Don’t wait for the hokey New Year’s resolution thing!   The faster you put this into action the faster you WILL see some serious and positive changes in your life, your business and your entire outlook on life … I have in only a few short weeks and for my business and life, next year is going to be the best year EVER!

Now … how about you?  Invest in this book and you’ll be on your path to real success and fulfillment in your life.

AND I want to hear YOUR opinions, thoughts and comments about this book to here on this blog!  So feel free!

Until next time …


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